Pepijn De Greef

Shapes can remind us of memories, this can be consciously remembered or unconsciously. They form the basis for new ideas. They can take on a new shape and meaning. This is a matter of framing.

Pepijn’s ideas for making unique products comes from a mix of memories, daily objects and the things we have around us.

He likes to use serendipity in his designs. He shows that objects can be more than what they meant for. His way of creating things is influenced by looking at them in a new and different way. Which results in making familiar products with familiar shapes.

Pepijn invites you to explore a world where shapes bring back memories and where unexpected ideas lead to amazing new familiar products.

Pepijn has been carrying this mark or scar since his childhood on his left thumb. It's a reminder of a seemingly insignificant incident. Meanwhile, his thumb has acquired the function of distinguishing between left and right quickly. A trivial incident with a practical twist.

Now the scar gets a new function as a mark of the studio. A shape that depicts memory for Pepijn.